Recent Announcements:

**Update for Spring 2021 Semester Requirements**

Can be found under the JOIN AED Tab->Requirements

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Please fill out the interest form if you are NOT a current member, but would like to join our mailing list to stay updated with the application process, AED events, and general meetings. We hope you have a great first week and look forward to seeing you all at our meetings.

Our organization would like to call our members to action in honor of Breonna Taylor’s Birthday.The link in our bio provides a list of 9 specific courses of action you can take TODAY to help bring her justice. UTD AED is currently researching how we can best help our local community in the Black Lives Matter movement. We will be making a donation and calling on members to do the same once we have determined where our money will have the most impact. 

Despite the cancelation of the annual Color Run, I am proud to say that we have raised $1750 for Wendy’s Eagles and the Lymphoma Research Foundation!

Hello AED, For those of y’all who are still wanting color run refunds, the deadline is next Friday, May 22nd!