It has been an AED tradition to support Dr. Wendy Harpham in her fight against cancer by participating in the annual Lymphoma Walk (previously called the Lymphomathon). We will be joining the Wendy's Eagles team on the walk and it has always been fun to come out to support Dr. Harpham, walk/run with your AED friends, and enjoy the morning together! 


Even though the race entry is free, we wil be raising money on behalf of Wendy's Eagles to be donated towards the Lymphoma Research Foundation. This will be in the form of the Wendy's Eagles t-shirt. If you would like to receive a Wendy's Eagles 2017 shirt, you will be required to pay $15. 


This event will also be open to non-AED members as well, so feel free to invite your friends to come along! If you bring 2 or more non-AED friends, you will receive an extra service hour! They will still be required to fill out both forms and pay if they want a shirt.


NOTE: To be guaranteed a Wendy's Eagle shirt, you must sign up by APRIL 2NDYou may still sign-up after this but a Wendy's Eagle shirt is not guaranteed.

Event Information

Date: Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Price: FREE but $15 if you want a Wendy's Eagles 2016 shirt 

Location: Addison Circle Park, Addison

Address: 4950 Addison Circle Dr, Addison, TX 75001

Time: 9AM (Check-in begins at 8AM) - You will receive 3 hours for this event.


Event Sign-Up

In order to register for this event, you must complete the following 2 steps with the 3rd step being optional:


STEP 1: Join the Wendy's Eagles Team
  • Click the following link to be linked to the Wendy's Eagle team page.

  • At the top right of the page, click on the "Join Our Team" button.

  • On the next page, choose "participant" and leave "$100" as the fundraising goal. Please note that it's not required to actually donate or meet this fundraising goal. 

  • Proceed to the next step and fill out the rest of the form with the pertinent information.

STEP 2: Register with AED

Please fill out the following form to register with AED. 

STEP 3 (Optional): Methods of Payment for Wendy's Eagles T-Shirt

The price for the Wendy's Eagles T-shirt will be $15. You may pay by the following methods:


(preferred method)


We will be accepting cash payments in person either at the AED meetings or by contacting an AED officer and arranging a time to meet up.