Members are required to complete 20 hours of service each semester, which must include one fundraising and one social event. Members may complete the hour requirement through inside hours and a limited number of outside hours as well. Additional opportunities to obtain hours will be announced as the year progresses.

Inside Hours

Inside hours are hours obtained through AED-sponsored events and meetings. Every inside hour you earn counts toward the 20 required hours. You may obtain an unlimited amount of inside hours. These can be found on the current and ongoing events page. 


AED currently provides two source of inside hours: 

  • Ongoing Events: Events that require an Event Registration Form (which may be found on the forms page) and occur on a regular basis. Ongoing events are likely to not have an officer present.

  • Current Events: Events that are run by the AED service coordinstors and service chairs. These events do not require any forms, but you will sign in at each event with the officer in charge.


Event Registration

To register for events, please locate the green sign-up link located at the top of the Current Events calendar and click on the event for which you're interested in registering.


NOTE: You will receive extra hours if you drive other members to the event. Please indicate that you are able to carpool other members and how many members you are able to take in your notes.


For more detailed instructions on how to register for events, you may follow this link:  How to Register for Events

Outside Hours

Outside hours are service hours that are obtained through outside sources. They may include, but are not limited to, hospital volunteering, service events with other organizations, and more.


Only up to 10 hours of the required 20 service hours required each semester may be obtained from outside sources. 


Please fill out the outside hours form and have it signed by your supervisor to receive credit for these hours.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that each event has a specific date and time that indicates when is the last day to cancel an event. This is generally 72 hours before the event. To cancel an event, please notify the officer in charge of the event. This can be found on the calendar under officer contact.

Any cancellations made before the 72 hour window will not result in an hour deduction.

Regular Volunteers:

If you signed up as a regular volunteer, any cancellations made after the 72 hour window will result in a 50% event hour deduction. That is, if the event was 6 hours long, you will lose 3 hours from your cumulative record.


If you are signed up as a driver, any cancellations made after the 72 hour window will result in a 150% event hour deduction. That is, if the event was 6 hours long, you will lose 9 hours from your cumulative record.

NOTE: If you cancel after the cancellation deadline has passed 2 times, we will be forced to terminate your application with AED. We typically have a waitlist for events so if you cancel for the event late, you are depriving other members of the opportunity to volunteer at the event and get hours. Please take note of the cancellation deadline.