Here you may find forms that may be required for some volunteer sites.

Event Hours Form

The Event Hours Form is required to redeem hours gained by completing ongoing events. Some current events may also require this form if it is indicated in its description.

Outside Hours Form

The Outside Hours Form is required when you wish to submit hours from outside sources. You may submit up to 8 hours toward the 20 total hours required.

NDSM Volunteer Form 

The NDSM Volunteer Form is required when you wish to volunteer with the North Dallas Shared Ministries. For more information, please visit the ongoing events page.

City of Plano Volunteer Forms

These forms are required for those volunteering for Fun Bunch Bowlers,  Kids' Night Out, Pizza & Karaoke, Dance Club, Dance Workshop, and Teen Time.

Please note that the background check requires a WRITTEN signature. Please print it out and sign it by hand. This form can be either faxed to 972-941-7182 or scanned and emailed to Once you have sent in your background check, you will not need to fill another out for 2 years.