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Outside Hours Resources

Calvert Place Men's Shelter (Union Gospel Mission):

3211 Irving Blvd., Dallas, TX 75247


The Calvert Place Men’s Shelter Clinic is a free clinic for the UGM Homeless Shelter that is run by UTSW students, residents and faculty.


Your responsibility as an undergraduate volunteer is to shadow current medical students/physician as they visit with patient. 


You will learn to take patient history, help with filling prescriptions and learn to take vital signs upon multiple exposure to the clinic.


Times: The clinic opens from 5-8 PM every Tuesdays.

Hearthouse Dallas:

8515 Park Lane, #303, Dallas, Texas 75231


Heart House’s innovative afterschool program is designed for school-age children in neighborhoods known for high crime and unemployment rates. Across Dallas there is a lack of affordable, quality after school care for children. At Heart House, children have access to caring mentors, homework assistance, health & safety education, and literacy programs.


Volunteers will be working with children from 3rd-8th grade in the after school program. Activities include homework tutoring, arts & crafts and even just play with them!


Times: Heart House is open 3:30-6:00 pm every day that Dallas Independent School District schools are open.


To volunteer: Email the Volunteer Coordinator, Lucie Bazin-Asamoah at or call the office at (214)-750-7637 to schedule a 30 minute orientation. You will also be required to pay $5.00 for a background check.

You will be expected to volunteer at least once a week. You will set up your own volunteering schedule with Lucie after the orientation.


For more information, visit

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