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Member requirements

All members must fulfill requirements to return as a full member the next year


Fill out our membership application each year

Pay dues

Pay $35 annual dues to @wynquia with your netid in the description

This fee include your shirt and free snacks!


Complete your hours!

20 Service Hours/semester

Remember: you can submit up to 8 outside hours

1 Social Credit

Attend one of our fabulous socials!

Time spent with your AED family counts as social credit too!

1 Fundraising Credit

Make sure to show up to the events you sign up for!

Attend 3/5 general meetings

We have snacks and fun guest speakers at each general meeting

Pledge Members

Pledges have less than 2 semesters of continuous membership with AED. This is the most basic level of membership in AED. 


Dues: $35 annually, to be paid when the pledge member applies for membershi

Associate Members

Associate members have more than 2 consecutive semesters of membership with AED. Associate members have all of the priviledges given to pledges, but in addition have the opportunity to participate in other events that are not available to pledges, such as attend the AED National Convention, and can apply for National Membership.


Associate members who have been active for at least 2 years by the time of graduation will be given special AED cords to wear over their cap and gown. Members must be active at the time of graduation to be eligible for a cord.



$35 annually, to be paid in the 3rd consecutive semester (2nd year) of membership

Service Awards

Members that have gone above and beyond the required number of hours will receive special recognition and a certificate indicating their achievement at the end of the year at the AED banquet.


These awards include:

  • Outstanding AED Membership: 50 Service Hours or above for the 2023-2024 Year

  • Distinguished AED Membership: 75 Service Hours or above for the 2023-2024 Year

National Members

National Membership includes acceptance into the national AED organization. After their third consecutive semester in AED, Associate members can apply for National Membership.


Members who wish to apply for National Membership must

  • Print and fill out the National Membership Application form, and turn it in to the HPAC office with the $75 membership fee by check.

  • Prior to filing your application for National Membership, please file the associate application for this year.


Benefits of National Membership include (in addition to the benefits of Associate Membership)

  • Lifelong membership.

  • Apply for AED-exclusive scholarships (up to $5000).



$75 one time fee when applying for national membership 

$35/year each consecutive year

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